Revitalise Networking Events

Connect, Engage, Support, and Learn Every Month

Our growing list of monthly networking events takes place both online and in person in a variety of locations around Scotland.

Each of the Revitalise Networking Events is designed to help you improve your networking skills, expand your network, and nurture long-lasting relationships.


In-Person Networking Events in Scotland

Our in-person networking events are planned to provide you with optimum networking opportunities in a structured yet relaxed environment.

Each event will include the following segments:

  • ‘Flash Your Business 30’ – Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and your business to the room. You only have 30 seconds!
  • Business Meet Exchange – You will have two opportunities to connect with a small group of fellow guests, to find out more about each other’s businesses and how you can help one another.
  • Member’s Spotlight Presentation – Every month, a fellow Revitalise member has the opportunity to deliver an engaging presentation on their business.

Revitalise Local – Glasgow

Revitalise Local – Ayr

Revitalise Local – Aberdeen

Revitalise Local – Edinburgh

Revitalise Local – Dumfries & Galloway

Revitalise Local – Lanarkshire

Online Global Networking Events

Revitalise is an interactive break in the morning to recharge and gain inspiration from new and existing connections in the global business industry on the last Wednesday of each month via the power of Zoom. 

Each event will include the following segments:

  • Revitalise Signature Speaker – Every month, we are delighted to welcome an expert speaker to support you and help you grow. Our events are topic-driven to cover the subjects that matter to business owners most.
  • ‘Meet the Revitalise Sponsor Members’ – Our Sponsor members kick off proceedings each month with their introductions.
  • Hosted Rooms – You will be placed in a breakout room with some fellow attendees and one of our Sponsor members. Everyone has the chance to spend one minute introducing themselves, before a lively open discussion on the event topic.
  • Business Meet Roulette – You will be randomly matched with another business professional, with 12 minutes to get to know one another. There will be two of these sessions within the event. Who will you start the conversation with?
  • RBC Global Business Event

Revitalise Business Development Events & Resources

To support you in your business journey in the most effective way possible, your Revitalise membership also includes a variety of business development events and opportunities.

Network & Development Sessions

These sessions have been designed to assist you in planning your business development and networking activities every month.

Each session is focused on a specific topic from Lee Foster’s ‘6 Steps to Effective Business  Development’.

Revitalise Discovery Workshops

Get a full introduction to Revitalise Connecting People Ltd, with insight into our program of events, our monthly business development activities, and the networking coaching opportunities available to you. There will also be an opportunity to network with other attendees.

This is best practice to get the most from your RBC (Revitalise Business Club) membership.

Revitalise Meets Podcast

Our founder Lee Foster interviews Revitalise members and entrepreneurs from across the globe every month.

Check out our backlog of episodes to discover insights from a variety of business owners, including their professional journey, the work they do, challenges, achievements, top tips, and much more.